and we do mean superior



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Let’s Face it!!!

Anyone who has ever achieved something great in their life had someone great to help them. Most of them had coaches who forced them out of their comfort zone and brought out the best in them.

At AWOL Fitness, our coaches are committed to bringing out the best in you. We will make sure you are consistently tracking, measuring, and working towards improvement in the goals you’ve expressed. We want to make sure you stay in alignment with your “Why”. Our purpose is to make sure that every day, every week, and every month we put you in the best position to be successful.

Types Of Coaching


Mindset Coaching……

We are more than just a gym. We believe that your current body is a manifestation of what’s going on mentally and emotionally. At AWOL, we focus of personal development. We teach you principles daily that help you accelerate your results, overcome adversity and develop a winning mindset.


Nutritional Coaching….

You can’t out train a bad diet. Yes, you heard me right. So many people try. They work out hard and eat anything. You see them at the gym. However, their body never changes. At AWOL, we are passionate about nutrition coaching. It is about empowering you with the knowledge to be successful and making you accountable for what you know.

Through our coaching you account for the things you eat on a daily basis we help teach you responsibility, planning, accountability, and a whole host of other life skills that translate over into every other facet of life.

Our Coaching Mantra:


  • Superior Coaches View coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline.
  • Superior Coaches are Creative and innovative learners that develop custom coaching methodologies.
  • Superior Coaches develop philosophies that guide ones decisions through strategies tactics and processes.
  • Superior Coaches have a knack for identifying people’s natural talent and nurturing it so they become successful.
  • Superior Coaches are continuous learners themselves. They know this is the key to future success.
  • Superior Coaches lead by example. They walk the talk of modeling a good life for their clients.
  • Superior Coaches posses a sincere interest and desire to help the person across from them make the necessary changes to get the desired results. Bottom line, they get the work done.