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Transforming Lives From The Inside Out

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Transforming Lives From The Inside Out

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Transforming Lives From The Inside Out

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Transforming Lives From The Inside Out

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Transforming Lives From The Inside Out

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Transforming Lives From The Inside Out



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The AWOL Process

Metabolic Workouts

AWOL Fitness is known for its intense, rugged, and frankly hard workouts. People say “Your workouts are very hard”, and we answer by saying, “Yep!! You are correct. They were designed that way.”

We further explain that each workout is designed to engage your body in very specific ways to create the metabolic effect that promotes transformation.

Superior Coaching

Let’s Face it!!! Anyone who has ever achieved something great in their life had someone great to help them. Most of them had coaches who forced them out of their comfort zone and brought out the best in them. 

At AWOL Fitness, our coaches are committed to bringing out the best in you.

Nutritional Supplements

We realize there are a lot of nutritional supplements to choose from. We also know that there is a lot of misinformation, fabrication, and downright deceit when it comes to telling people the truth about nutritional supplements.

We want to guide you in picking the right supplements for your needs.

90 Day Challenge

Transformation Testimonials


Lynch Hunt

As a Transformation Specialist and Life Coach, Coach Lynch is the change you’ve been waiting for. His enthusiasm about mental and physical fitness is contagious – and his passion is impactful.

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Wendy Hunt

Wendy focuses on women who want to break free from their self imposed limitations. With this being her primary focus, she created the LadyA group. The group’s mission is to help women grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Johnathan Spruill

Coach Johnathan’s passion for physical training of the best premier athletes in the area and the desire to fight childhood obesity is what allows him to be a youth fitness leader in the Greensboro area.
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Ken Canion

Coach/Sales Director
Ken has been inspiring and motivating people for as long as he can remember. As a professional speaker and personal development coach, he has empowered thousands to transform their minds, bodies, and ultimately their lives.

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Mike Fields, Sr.

Coach Mike’s passion is to help the older population get moving with functional training and mobility exercises. He uses his background in massage therapy and physical therapy experience to help clients reach their goals.
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Mike Fields Jr.

Certified Personal Trainer Michael Fields Jr. is a former 2 time All-State High School athlete, along with four years of college football and track experience at the D-1 and D-2 College level, accomplishing two championships while playing.
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Allen Little

Coach Allen is a level 2 certified personal trainer. He challenges people to identify and overcome personal obstacles that stand in the way of their fitness goals.
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Vanessa Clayton

Coach Vanessa is a former collegiate athlete who played volleyball and soccer while in college, she specializes in volleyball fundamentals skills training, weight loss and muscle gain.
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Alex Moore III

Coach Alex is a certified trainer and former collegiate athlete out of North Carolina Central University. His unique style of training gives you an energetic feel and true perspective on what it means to make fitness A Way Of Life.
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LaDi Duncan

Coach LaDi is a product of A.W.O.L. Fitness. Her passion and drive is to motivate and inspire others to change their lifestyle, just as she changed her own.
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